Qi Gong Jessheim

Lørdag 12. januar kl.11:00 til søndag 13. januar kl.12:30
Studio Yogaflyt
Jessheim, UllensakerÅpne kart
Velkommen til Qi Gong på Studio Yogaflyt! Kurset holdes av franske Josè Poujade som har lang erfaring innen terapi og undervisning av tradisjonell kinesisk medisin. Kurset holdes på engelsk med mulighet til norsk oversetting. Bli med til to spennende energi-dager; lørdag 12. + søndag 13. januar fra kl 11.00-12.30! Bindende påmelding til: yogaflyt@gmail.com kr 400 for begge dagene. Fra Josè: The purpose of this meeting is to share with you 30 years of therapy and teaching experience in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Western culture has lost many of its roots in its purely materialistic view of the word. But a new window opens today with modern science through the obervation of the infinitely small with quantum physics and the infinitely large with black holes or dark matter. This is an important moment because science, in spite of it, confirms the fonamental bases of all the traditional cultures like : «All is energy» or «All is vibration», or the possibility of existence of parallel worlds... We have all at one time felt the need to recharge (and sometimes urgently). This need is not only to espacape the constraints of the modern life but to find a true form of vitality and peace in ourselves. Qi Gong is a way to go in this direction. In a first part I will explain some funfamental elements of Taoist culture to better understand the postures and gestures of Qi Gong. Qi Gong is traditionally an outdoor practice for the well being, to preserve its health, but can also be therapeutic or for martial purpose. During the second part we will do some warm-up exercices and then some simple Qi Gong. The goal is that you understand through the experience of the body the basics that can allow you to access the ernergetic resourcing. To practice I invite you to wear soft clothes that are not tight at the waist. Yours truly José POUJADE : Graduated from Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Teacher of Taiji Quan