Tattooed a McDonald's receipt to his arm.

Stian Ytterdahl (18) is the proud owner of a McTattoo after inking the details of his trip to the store on his body.

Stian's McTattoo

Stian Ytterdahl sure knows how to show people where he ate on Tuesday.

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UTFORDRET: Etter å ha blitt utfordret at kompisene slo Stian Ytterdahl til med en heller spesiell tatovering på armen. Foto: Kay Stenshjemmet

He has tattooed the receipt from McDonald's on his right forearm.

Punished by friends

– A couple of my friends thought I had been a little too active towards the ladies lately and wanted to punish me. When we were at McDonalds on Monday, they said I either had to get a Barbie tattoo on my ass or the receipt on my arm, says Ytterdahl, who lives just outside the city Lillestrøm.

The 18-yearold decided to tattoo the receipt.

– This is my weirdest tattoo yet, the tattoo-artist wrote on Facebook.

Very rare

– It's fun to think about that I have a tattoo no one else has ever seen before. Even the date and time is on my arm, he says.

After getting the tattoo, the tattoo-store asked if he wanted tattooing their receipt on his arm as well, and Stian is ready for another receipt-tattoo on Monday.

– Now I'm a living billboard, but I think all this is just fun. Maybe it's not as fun when I'm 50 or 60 years old, but it's my choice.

Several opinions

The store has posted Stian's tattoo on their Facebook site and on Wednesday afternoon it had received a lot of likes and comments.

The opinions of the tattoo is very divided.

– I do not care about the negative comments. It is also reassuring to know that even my mom has given me a «like». I'm more unsure of what my dad will say, he is not on social medias, says Stian Ytterdahl.

– Not a PR stunt

Communications Director Margaret Brusletto at McDonalds Norway says that she has never heard anything like this.

– What we have heard previously, is that people who have worked a long time the company has chosen tattooing the logo on their body, but this is a very special story, says Brusletto to

– What do you think about the tattoo?

– I can not say that I think anything other than that this is terrific. This is a loyal customer, says Brusletto .

She denies that this is a publicity stunt on their part.

– No, we knew nothing about this, she says.


After the article about Stian's tattoo was published Wednsday newspapers and TV station from all over the world has contacted the young man.

– I had not seen this coming. It's just a receipt, Stian says Thursday morning.

The phone has been calling non stop and the 18-yearold thinks around 1.000 people has called him.

– I just think it is cool that the tatto gets attention from all over the world.

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